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  • Porches                
  • Patio Canopies
  • Carports
  • Covered Walkways
  • Swimming Pools
  • Grandstands
  • Greenhouses

Profile Colour Light Weight Heavy Duty Super Weight Profile Pitch Profile Depth
Miniature Clear/Trans 0.8mm     32mm 8mm
3" ASB Clear 0.8mm 1.1mm 1.3mm 72mm 17/19mm
Greca Box Clear/Trans   1.0mm   70mm 18mm
Big 6 Clear     1.3mm 146mm 30mm
8/3" Iron Clear   1.1mm   76mm 17mm


PVC Corrugated Sheet combines a number of excellent qualities including low weight, strength and durability, attractive appearance and low cost. They are available in a variety of profiles.

  • Resistance to extensive range of chemicals.
  • UV Resistant.
  • Fire retardance meeting the highest standards.
  • Weather Resistant.
  • Flexibility for easy construction of arched roofs and curved walls.
  • Good Impact strength (reducing with age).
  • Easily handled, quickly installed.

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Corrugated PVC Roofing Sheets & Accessories

Corrugated PVC Roofing Sheets & Accessories