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Twinwall Polypropylene Protection Sheet

Black Colour: Fire Retardant Opal Colour: Non Fire Retardant

Weight Per Sq Metre: 250 grams Black Fire Retardant: Approved to LPCB. LPS1207 Cert No. 341

CodeProduct DescriptionLength mmP/Group
TWPS8X4X2T2mm Translucent Non Fire Retardant2440 x 1220mm0370
TWPS8X4X2BFR2mm Black Fire Retardant2440 x 1220mm0370

• Twinwall Polypropylene Sheeting can be easily cut using a Stanley Knife or heavy duty scissors.
• Resistant to aqueous solutions of salts, alkalis & acids. Fats, oils and waxes cause only slight swelling of the material.
• Can be glued and stapled
• Recycle this material. Dispose of unwanted material responsibly. DO NOT BURN!


• Floor / Carpet Protection
• Layer Pads For Product Protection
• Glass Protection
• Door Protection
• Added insulation
• Shuttering
• Packaging

Floor Protection Sheets

Floor Protection Sheets