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Bar Length 4.0M 3.5M 3.0M 2.5M
Max Centres 600 mm 700 mm 1050 mm 1200 mm


The System includes 4 main components

• Wallplate Assembly
• End Glazing Bar
• Intermediate Glazing Bar
• Eaves Beam

The system is specifically designed as a Lean- To Roof System for use with 16, 25 & 35mm Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet Roofing Sheet. The bars are capable of spanning up to 4 metres (set at 600mm centres) without any cross bearers (purlins). We recommend a minimum of 10 degrees roof pitch with this system.

For Lean-To Roofs To Take a Load of 600N/M2

Self Supported Roof Glazing Bars

Self Supported Roof Glazing Bars